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The leaders of Russia and China have initiated a TREATY TO PREVENT THE PLACEMENT OF WEAPONS IN OUTER SPACE.  Now is the time to support their efforts to get this signed into a binding world law.  This updated Treaty incorporates the best language and intention of all relevant previous, current and proposed treaties. It is is ready to be signed and ratified into a binding world law with no controversy, distractions or debates.

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In Honor of Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who died February 4, 2016, close friend and colleague, Advisory Board Chairman of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space since 1974, Carol Rosin debuts on American Freedom Radio.

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Carol Rosin + Edgar Mitchell & the Outer Space Weapons Ban Treaty, latest video

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Dr. Carol Rosin is speaking at the ARIZONA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 2-5PM, for PHOENIX MUFON:

See the website for more information on the speakers here

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