In Honor of Dr. Edgar Mitchell

In Honor of Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who died February 4, 2016, close friend and colleague, Advisory Board Chairman of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space since 1974, Carol Rosin debuts on American Freedom Radio.

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THE LAST CARD: The Journey

The genesis of this Treaty Project is the injunction given to Dr. Carol Rosin by famed space pioneer Dr. Wernher von Braun. Carol first met with him when he was dying of cancer. At that meeting, he gave her the “assignment” to prevent the planned “weaponization” of space.


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THE LAST CARD: The Journey

As von Braun told Carol, there would be many false justifications leading to the deployment of space-based weapons, but “the last card” would be the need to defend ourselves from the alien/extraterrestrial threat. But as he assured her, this would be yet another lie that perpetuates the War Game because the ETs have proven not to be hostile. Working close to Dr. von Braun at Fairchild Industries during the last years of his life, she became the first female corporate manager in the aerospace industry. Since his death in 1977, Carol has continued to devote her life to the fulfillment of her promise to von Braun to get a ban of all space-based weapons. Such a ban will help to unify consciousness and open minds and portals to universes as well as to a Space Age vision that will produce a new kind of economic and security system and provide needed and unlimited benefits and opportunities for all sacred life.

The weapons-free exploration and development of outer space is grand enough to, and will, transform and replace the war industry and its mindset. The OUTER SPACE SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT TREATY makes the accomplishment of this vision feasible…but only with your help.

As a woman of action, Carol accepted this task as the personal mission of her life. Together with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Scott Jones, Aerospace Executive Abe Kriger, Commander Will Miller (Ret.), and with the support of former Canadian Minister of Defense, The Honorable Paul Hellyer, the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty was drafted. It is ready to be signed and ratified into law. This Treaty is a project of P.E.A.C.E. Inc., the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth. This milestone Treaty will verifiably ban all space-based weapons. The complete Treaty, bios of its co-authors, and more information can be downloaded (in several languages) from .

The next step for the drafters of the Treaty is the hand-delivery of the document to each of the first nine world leaders for their signatures. Once this is accomplished and the Treaty process is set in motion and completed, the ban of all space-based weapons will become World Law.

The journey to obtain the signatures of nine world leaders on this Treaty will be documented in a documentary film tentatively entitled, “The Last Card.” The film will chronicle the journey to obtain these signatures. It is through this journey that the story – and backstory – will be told in the words of Carol and participants, on location in hotel rooms and airport terminals, on city streets, and even in palaces and government offices. We will discover how these world leaders were selected and how plans were made to meet them in order to get the Treaty signed and ratified. It promises to be an exciting journey, albeit one that almost certainly will be faced with obstacles and intrigue. The finished film will help spread and promote the message that to achieve real world peace and the wonderful life for all on our garden planet that goes with it, the pivotal step must be the ban of all space-based weapons. At first glance, the ratification of this Treaty may appear to be an impossible dream. Yet, despite the severe challenges posed, including by those who wish to dominate and control the earth and space from space (possible to do by dominating and controlling space), we must make this Treaty signing happen because THERE IS ONLY ONE MOMENT IN TIME, it’s now, when a ban of all space-based weapons can become reality.

But it’s up to us!

Your donation is so urgently needed to make the journey to this Treaty signing possible!

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This Treaty is a Project of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth, P.E.A.C.E. Inc., a 501-c-3 tax exempt organization founded by Dr. Scott Jones.


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